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SG BusLeh

We know that your time is very important!

3 Instead of 2

Other bus apps show 2 bus timing. We know you kiasu, so we show you 3 bus timings!

Bus Full? Bus Empty? Got Double-Deck?

Tells you how full your bus is, or if bus is bendy or double-deck, so that you can prepare to stand... or sit.

Smart GPS

Automatically shows you your nearest bus stops, so you no need to waste time searching for it.

No Need To Press One By One

Instantly view bus timing for all buses at your stop. No need to press one by one until your thumb break.

Stalk The Bus

We pioneered the first stalk bus feature in Singapore. You can see exactly where the next bus is on a map!

Reminders & Alerts

Scare you miss the bus? Or scare you miss the bus-stop to alight? BusLeh can monitor and disturb on time.

As Seen On

Why so good?

Other programmers make bus apps but drive car. We make bus app but we also take bus. So we know exactly what you want.

  • Amazing feature that detect near-by bus-stops on a map and let you easily select your bus-stop
  • We even let you stalk coming bus and see the exact bus position on a map
  • Super accurate and fast bus-timing
  • This App is so Kiasu, you see the next 3 bus timings instead of just 2

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